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Posting Guidelines

Before submiting alaint be sure you read carefully all the guidelines below

Personal experience

Postingents is all about sharing your own personal positive or negative experience with an online casino. We don’t want to read what you saw in other forums or heard from other gamblers, but to know more about your firsthand impressions and observations. Don’t try to retell our review, write your own story instead and let your genuine experience help other gamblers make the right choice.


We are totally in aware that the existence of an old or present issue with the casino could /and most probably will/ seriously affect yourent and rating. Sharing your negative experience with a casino or particular casino service is totally okay as long as you are doing it with enough arguments and justification. However, userents area is not the place for endless rants orlaints related discussions. We offer you a more appropriate place to do that - Complaints Service.


You are totally free to share your honest opinion about a casino, but try to support your statements with the relevant factology. Do not underestimate the intelligence of other gamblers by leaving single-sentenceents like ‘OMG, this casino is great’ or ‘This casino sucks big time’.


While we could understand certain degree of evolution in your opinion regarding some online casino, we definitely cannot understand nor accept multipleents on the same subject, for the same casino, posted within a short period of time.


Please, pay attention to the formatting of yourents. We do not expect perfect layout, however make sure to use some basic spelling rules and punctuation. Nobody likes reading just a pile of text, with no beginning and no ending, with no paragraphs and with terrible spelling, right?

Caps lock

If you need to emphasize on something, please don’t use Caps Lock! There are better ways to put a stress on a particular word or sentence than yelling online.

Conflict of interest

We need objective, justified and unbiased opinions. Period. Which means that if you are a casino rep, or casino employee, or even casino manager’s girlfriend you are not allowed to postents under your brand’s own page here. And please, don’t ask your registered customers to do that too.


Keep in mind that all userents are public and opened for anyone browsing our website. Please, do not share sensitive personal information for you or anyone else while posting aent. In short, do not post full names, emails, credit card numbers or any other details which may endanger your privacy.


Please, don’t steal content from other sites or users, we know you are smart enough to write your own reviews.

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