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How to submit alaint

Brief explanation and facts

Players who have a problem with an online casino can work through the Complaint Service to try and reach a satisfactory resolution. The system is designed to give fair consideration to both the player and the casino, determine where the exact disagreement lies, and encourage openunication, all within a timely manner. In this article, we will explain what the Complaint Service is, a basic overview of how it works, and how it has helped players over the years.

What is thelaint service?

The Complaint Service is an intermediation system started in July 2009. It allows the staff to mediate a conversation between a casino and a player and make a ruling based on the facts presented.

It’s important to note that thelaint service does not work on behalf of any government or regulatory agency. As the world’s leading casino portal, is able to use its marketing influence to give players more visibility and encourage casinos to behave transparently. 

This system is highly effective for a simple reason. When players to , they are often looking for information to decide which casinos they should choose. When a player files alaint against a casino, it is up to the online casino to ensure that things are resolved properly. Failure to do so will give that casino a negative mark that everyone can see, discouraging players from trying that site.

How does the Complaint Service work?

When players have an issue that they cannot resolve directly with the online casino, they can take it up with . The process begins by filling out a form. The player will be asked to specify the nature of the issue, provide a timeline, and be as detailed as possible. Once submitted and approved by the Complaint Team, thelaint will be posted, and the process will begin.

The casino has 96 hours from the time thelaint is made public to respond. A timer on the front page will keep track of this automatically. If the timer runs out on alaint, the case will be closed with a negative mark against the casino for non-responsiveness. Unfortunately, this typically indicates that the casino is unwilling to make things right, and the player will find it very difficult (if not impossible) to get a satisfactory resolution.

However, in most cases, the casino responds within a reasonable timeframe, and a dialogue can begin. It will often be the case of simply a slight misunderstanding and a resolution can be reached easily. In more difficult cases, additional information may be needed. Players should keep a close eye on theirlaint for requests from either the team or the casino representative. Failure to respond within the given timeframe of 96 hours will cause thelaint to be closed.

What categories oflaints are accepted?

The Complaint Service is open to any player who has a distinct issue with any online casino in the index. However, there are a few distinct categories in which the majority oflaints fall.

By far the largest volume oflaints are in the payments category, particularly withdrawals, that players feel are either unfairly delayed or outright confiscated by the casino. Some players also to the service for issues with verification requirements on their withdrawals.

The second-largest section oflaints are bonus-related issues. Bonuses tend to belex in the online casino world, and the Complaint Service can help determine whether accusations of bonus term violations, bonus abuse, or bonus removals are valid. The service also helps players get bonuses that they feel they should have received.

Otheron areas forlaints include account problems like closures, registration issues, and problems connecting to the casino. The Complaint Service also works with problems related to deposits, including missing deposits and double charges to bank accounts or other payment services.

Players who find that their particularlaint doesn’t fit any of these categories do not need to worry. Historically, 3.6% oflaints are filed in the “other” category. As long as thelaint is valid and substantiated, the Complaint Service will be able to process it just fine.

Does the Complaint Service actually help players?

Yes. The majority of players who to for help with an issue are able to get a fair resolution to their problem. Only in 2016 the service accepted and posted more than 70% of alllaints submitted. Those rejected typically involve:

  • a casino with no ties to ,
  • inadequate information, 
  • not being written in English,
  • not having a specific issue against the casino,
  • or using crude language.

Altogether, the service has successfully returned more than $10.5 million to players around the world and provided peace of mind to hundreds of players with other types oflaints.

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